Climashield – Durable Warmth

Climashield® insulation lasts throughout the lifetime of the product – it’s what we call durable warmth. No matter how many times the garment is stretched, compressed or washed, our insulation is resilient under harsh conditions, holding its original shape after multiple uses or launderings.

Climasheild v18 low from Christi Hardin on Vimeo.


Climashield – AquaBan

AquaBan® is a proprietary surface encapsulation treatment designed to minimize the impact of moisture on warmth while enhancing moisture transport out and away from the body. Applied to some of our insulation applications, this technology ensures warmth in wet and humid conditions.


Climashield – Continuous Filament

As the only major manufacturer of lightweight continuous filament insulation in the world, CLIMASHIELD® produces signature insulation products that are durable, lightweight, thermally efficient and compressible. Working hand-in-hand with customers, CLIMASHIELD®’s engineers create innovative products that are tailored to the specific needs of the customer’s product line.

Climashield – Strong Enough to Wakeboard


Climashield Crossfit Durability Test

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