The work clothing sector is one of the more rapidly growing on the market.

It implements new technologies and creates new products intended to ensure protection and work safety. On our part, we do a lot to deliver materials meeting the highest European standards and norms to our customers.

Years of experience and good collaboration with customers in many projects have made it possible for us to create a rich offer of materials and of the company’s manufacturing capabilities with respect to work clothing and protective clothing. Not only with regard to basic fabrics, but above all, multi-functional fabrics. All this in order to meet the highest European standards, including EN norms such as: EN342, EN343, EN20471, EN11611, EN11612, EN14116, EN1149-5, EN469, EN12402.

The offer includes:

  • Climashield Protect & Climashield Protect FR insulation – unique insulation made of continuous hollow filament – durable warmth for lightweight insulated products including workwear, gloves, footwear, thermo covers, technical tents;
  • technical knitted fabrics ( FR, antistatic, multinorm );
  • functional thermo-layers ( fleeces, soft-shells );
  • basic fabrics like cotton, polyester-cotton, nylon-cotton, FR, carbon and other yarn blends;
  • functional materials for jackets and membrane jackets;
  • Cordura fabrics;
  • meshes and 3D spacers;
  • waterproof PU or PVC coated fabrics for marine sector, agriculture, food industry and rain covers;
  • microfibers;
  • elastic bands, suspenders, para-cords, cords;

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