Green Side offers a broad selection of materials intended for functionaries of the military, police, fire service and uniformed services.

Our wide range of materials in this group is continuously being expanded by new implementations and technological novelties, in cooperation with the best suppliers and subcontractors, based on an excellent raw materials including: Cordura, Nomex, Kevlar, Dynema, Protex, aramides, etc. as well as the capability of coating and laminating with PU, FR, TPU, membranes PU, PES, PTFE, ePTFE.

Our materials find applications in the manufacture of uniform clothing in many countries. The types and technical parameters of materials are determined by the threats facing their users during work, or by the properties required for the clothing to perform special functions. Hence the need to discuss the Customer’s needs in detail, which we earnestly encourage. Our systemic approach makes it possible to select both the surface layer (non-flammable, water-resistant, and vapor-permeable at the same time), thermal layer, lining layer, or undergarment layer, as well as accessories and reinforcements. On the offer You can find groups of the products such as:

  • Climashield insulation also Climashield Protect FR – unique insulation made of continuous hollow filament – durable warmth for lightweight insulated products including outerwear, sleeping bags, tents; gloves, footwear;
  • underwear FR/ antistatic knitts;
  • thermo-layer knitts for combat-shirts, balaclavas FR fleece;
  • uniform textiles, poly-cottons, nylon-cottons, FR combinations in twill, plain, ripstop and different weights, colors (camouflages) and finishes;
  • 2-layers and 3-layers membrane laminates based on PU, or, PES, or PTFE membrane;
  • ultra-light and down-proof textilse for clothing, sleeping bags, tents, parachutes, shelters;
  • technical and strong textiles like: Cordura, balistic Nylon, PES, FR textiles, antistatic textiles in a wide finish and colors range;
  • clothing and tactical meshes for linings, pockets, vests, backpacks;
  • 3D spacers;
  • laser cutting laminates in a different weights made from Cordura but also other fabrcis (new Molle system);
  • suspenders, elastic bends, cords and para-cords;


We have at our disposal the full range of finishes for knitted and woven fabrics, colors, camouflages, IRR, Teflon®, PU, PA, silicone, foams, membrane laminates, multi-layered laminates.

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