Green Side is a manufacturer and supplier of technical materials, with many years of experience in the textile industry. Our many years of work and the knowledge and experience we have gained have helped us to create a wide product range, including groups like:

  • Climashield insulation including new Protect and Protect FR lines – unique insulation made of continuous hollow filament – durable warmth for lightweight insulated products including outerwear, sleeping bags, tents; gloves, footwear;
  • Cordura materials;
  • technical fabrics, starting from ultra-light, downproof, parachute fabrics through clothing, uniform fabrics laminated with vapor-permeable membranes, and finally, heavy, leathercrafted and industrial laminates.
  • technical, functional, sports, flame-retardant, military, high-performance knitted fabrics, as well as knitted fabrics for work clothing;

We offer a wide range of materials while tracking and implementing new technologies and the highest European standards and norms. We continuously expand our capabilities and offer. In doing so, we strive to collaborate with customers flexibly and react to their needs not only with regard to the materials and technologies that they seek, but also materials solutions or even manufacturing of ready final products with the customer’s logo.

You will find our materials in all of the sectors listed on this page, but that does not mean that we don’t exceed this classification. We do not shy away from challenges, because that’s where our technical attributes are sought after and are becoming increasingly significant. Even from the most advanced challenges, for the needs of underwater operations, drysuits or gas-tight and multi-layered laminates for the purposes of industry, rescue operations, aviation, construction, orthopedics, etc.

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