We invite all those who use textile materials in their production to collaborate with us.

We perform deliveries of materials from our fixed offer, but we also consult, develop new technologies and work together with our current and future customers to reach the best solutions. Regardless of whether you manufacture children’s clothing or professional, non-flammable outfits for protection against fire.

We like our work, and we will cooperate with anyone, manufacturers big and small, designers, and sometimes with concept creators. Technologies and working with our customers are not just menial chores for us, they represent the passion we feel for creating. So let’s do something together!

We operate throughout all of Europe and perform deliveries from warehouses in Europe, the United States and Asia. Our employee is eager to contact you and provide more information.

We are always ready to send materials for testing, in order to confirm what we say about them. Trust us, as hundreds of companies have already!

If you are looking for an opportunity to manufacture a ready object, stitch it together – we are also ready to assist!

We await contact from you and convey our best regards.
The Green Side Team

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