Our youngest category of materials is addressed to customers from the fashion industry. The fashion industry willingly takes advantage of our technological advancement.

It eagerly reaches for membrane laminates, materials for soft-shell jackets, materials for printing, flexible fabrics, technical finishes, or special yarns in order to improve the comfort and functionality of clothing.

We also perform quilting involving Climashield and our own, or entrusted, surface and lining materials.

For us, fashion isn’t limited to just jackets and hoodies, it also includes materials for blouses, shirts, trousers, overcoats, purses and bags, as well as the Uni Flex collection – coated materials, e.g. for raincoats.

You can find in this section:

  • Climashield insulation – unique insulation made of continuous hollow filament – durable warmth for lightweight insulated products. Climashield offers unlimited style options – there is no migration, no need for quilting, no need to use anti-migration flizeline inside product or downproof fabrics;
  • light and ultra-light fabrics for winter collections (winter jackets, down jackets and trousers, coats);
  • functional knitted materials for semi-sport or printed collections;
  • basic fabrics for clothes, also corporate clothes;
  • fabrics for casual and streetwear collections;
  • materials for printing;
  • Cordura fabrics;
  • individual implementations and orders;

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