A large part of our offer finds applications in the sports and outdoor sector.

These are materials for sports clothing, with special parameters depending on the sporting discipline, e.g. cycling, skiing, ski jumping, parachuting, as well as materials for high-performance (outdoor) clothing and equipment, e.g. downproof fabrics, ultra-light (tents, hammocks, clothing and sleeping bags) fabrics and membrane laminates protecting against wind, rain and snow. One of our most advanced products addressed to manufacturers in this sector is, without a doubt, Climashield – the unique technology behind the warmest and most durable synthetic insulation on the market.

We address a rich range of materials to manufacturers in the sport and outdoor sector. Many of us personally use and test sport and outdoor clothing and equipment. We know the characteristics and “behavior” of our materials very well, even under extreme conditions, e.g. use at -40 deg. C. When implementing materials for this sector, we focus not only on the basic properties of knitted or woven fabrics, but also on their special finish and the functions that they will perform under specific conditions of use.

Here You are some examples:

  • Climashield insulation – unique insulation made of continuous hollow filament – durable warmth for lightweight insulated products including outerwear, sleeping bags, tents; gloves, footwear;
  • ultra-light and light fabrics also perfect downproof versions for insulation jackets and products  (sleeping bags, tents, shelters, gloves, shoes), parachutes, paragliders, kitesurfing;
  • functional knitted fabrics for underwear;
  • soft-shell laminates ( our Windshell, Windshell Pro lines) for windproof clothing;
  • membrane laminates with a lot of versions and waterproof and breathing properties (membranes PU, PES, PTFE) for rainwear, outdoor and winter collections;
  • Cordura fabrics and other strong materials for bags, backpacks, sacks, sachets, hammocks; shoes;
  • fast drying textiles and knitted fabrics – nylon/lycra, or polyester/lycra for outddor and indoor sports (fitness);
  • meshes and 3D spacers;
  • elastic bands, suspenders, para-cords, cords;

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