About us

We offer a wide range of materials.

Green Side, of which I am the founder and current managing director,

was created as the continuation of my work with new technologies in light industry and technical materials, which I have been concerned with since 1999.
Technical materials (knitted and woven fabrics, laminates) are a demanding sector. From the very beginning, my central aim was to establish cooperation with the best and most professional technological partners.
Without a doubt, the German company C.F. Weber, with which we have been working from the beginning, is precisely such a solid partner. Thanks to this collaboration, we continue to grow and expand our offer. Over the years, our hard and intensive work has brought about further growth and new partners like Climashield (Harvest Consumer Insulation), and recently, Advance Hitech Textile International Corporation. Of course, there is still the entire group of important suppliers and technological partners, which is too long to list here, but I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of them. Everything is fine tuned so that our offer is cohesive, comprehensive and professional. So that collaboration with Green Side always gives our customers the feeling that they have chosen their supplier well.
Besides technological partners, the team of employees at the company is very important. Our activity is based on engagement and the desire to create, where every one of us feels “at home” and needed at every stage. Starting from the idea, through implementation, sales, logistics, and finally, customer service. Our team is made up of positive, passionate people who like what they do and often test certain solutions on themselves. Their successive creations and implementations drive them to act and reach ever greater heights as time goes on. On our part, we always strive to operate based on a high standard of services, loyally and with the long term in mind, because this is consistent with our vision of the company and the “win-win” strategy. It is customers like this that we also like the most and invite to collaborate with us.
Przemysław Kurdej
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