The group of footwear materials in Green Side’s collection is a rather technical category.

We offer technically advanced materials with special properties, or the appropriate processing, to our customers. All this in order to ensure the proper specifications and comfort of footwear when it is used in the future.

  • Climashield insulation – unique insulation made of continuous hollow filament – durable warmth for lightweight insulated products including footwear linings and membrane linings;
  • Micro – Tech 100% microfiber for linings and insoles, perfect sweat absorber keeps dry and comfort. Materials extremely resistance for abrasion resistance;
  • Micro – Tech upper materials for work shoes, for food industry and hospitals – good for washing;
  • Micro – Solid – suede type lining solution;
  • membrane OnDry and sport shoe linings;
  • Cordura fabrics and other upper materials;
  • anti-puncture materials & laminates for work footwear;
  • meshes, 3D spacers and foam shoe laminates.

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