For the needs of our own collection of laminates and on the orders of our customers, we render services of gluing and laminating knitted and woven fabrics as well as quilting of Climashield insulation with our own, or entrusted, materials. Our broad capabilities in this scope allow us to combine up to 5 layers of materials by means of various techniques. Everything depends on the needs and final function of the laminate.

We utilize both flame bonding, as well as powder, spray, thermal and hot-melt glues. We perform foaming (PU, PE, latex foams) for our customers, glue linings, laminate Climashield insulation, unwoven fabrics, TPU films, PU, PES, PTFE, ePTFE membranes into double and triple laminates.

Thanks to our array of capabilities, our laminates find applications in many fields of industry:

  • clothing industry;
  • footwear industry;
  • furniture / upholstery industry;
  • yacht and automotive industry;
  • marine industry;
  • medical industry;
  • interior design sector.