Green Side Decor addresses growing requirements concerning the quality of materials for upholstery and interior decoration. Our products are made in a wide range of patterns and color schemes. All of them have high functional parameters, are tested and have a REACH certificate, and the latest collection is also UltraFresh certified.

Our materials enjoy a flawless aesthetic and the highest quality, which pleases both our wholesale customers and end users.

Experience and the latest technologies have allowed us to create a collection for the purposes of both upholstered furniture and finishes in the automotive or yacht industries, accounting for special industry requirements like flame retardance or “positive buoyancy”.

This collection affords us broad capabilities in collaboration with manufacturers. We provide them with the highest quality, myriad base colors, as well as personalized colors, including materials colored in the specific color of the natural leather, wood or upholstery fabric with which they are to be combined. This also makes it possible to get creative with patterns when designing and manufacturing furniture as well as upholstery in cars and yachts, as well as crafted leather goods.

Short list of products and possibilities:

  • Micro-Tech 100% microfiber – perfect natural touch with an excellent abrasion resistance, possible also in perforated version and resistnace for stains and dirt;
  • Altara 100% microfiber in suede type and touch – known from exclusive upholstered furniture and luxury cars available in our offer in good price and perfect quality (confimred by tests), possible also perforated versions;
  • Micro-Solid – 100% polyester suede/valour touch in good quality and price;
  • meshes and 3D spacers for chairs and linings;
  • face fabrics and Cordura in different styles;
  • materials and laminates for automotive and yacht industry.